Joyce's Vision
Leader: Kay Lydick

Imagine if you were in a country where you could neither read nor speak the language. You have no idea what all the containers in the grocery store are . . . are they food, cleaners or something else? Most rely on their children, who are also learning at their schools, to interpret for them.

This is where Joyce's Vision comes in! Joyce's vision is one of the ministries that Midway has at Falcon Pointe Apartments. JV teaches ladies new to the United States how to speak and read English. Each week they meet to share with each other and learn more about this country, English and most of all, to be shown the love of Christ.

Many Christians think of missions as being oversears, but we have many who have traveled many miles across the world to live in the United States. We get to be the hands and feet of Christ right here in our own city!

  February 2018  
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