Senior Pastor

Jeremy (Jer) Arntz

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     Jer came to Midway with his wife (Christina) and their six children in September 2018. Family is extremely important to them because family is extremely important to God.

     Jer firmly believes that God’s Word speaks directly into the lives of all people whether Christian or not, and that Scripture tells the story of God’s love for mankind as evidenced through the salvation that He has made possible through faith in His Son— Jesus Christ.

     "We don’t know everyone’s particular trials and pains, but we do know that the proper response to everything that ails mankind is faith in Jesus unto eternal salvation. At Midway Baptist, we are seeking to respond to life through that very faith. Won’t you come join us?" ~Pastor Jer  

Minister to Senior Adults

Tom Melton

Tom is a minister to the Senior Adults here at Midway.

Student Ministry Pastor

Joel Hill

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Joel Hill is our new Student Ministry Pastor! Joel, as well as his wife, Karis, will be working with students who are in the 6th through 12th grades. They will be teaching students the Truth of the Bible as well as what it means to be a Christian in today's society. Along with weekly Bible studies, they will plan and host events such as Lock-Ins, water ballon fights, games nights and many other exciting events. Three thing you must know about Joel are: He is super competitive, he races at 81 Speedway in the Thumper division and he is a Huge Batman nerd! As for Karis: She loves to play volleyball, loves to swim and she was born to teach! Joel and Karis are very excited to be a part of Midway Baptist and cannot wait to get to know you! They can both be found on Facebook and encourage you to "add" them as a friend! The best way to get ahold of Joel is through text message at (316) 807-1983.
Joel has a degree in pastoral Ministry from Oklahoma Baptist University where he also earned a Minor in Bible. In the future he plans on earning both a Masters as well as a Doctorate degree in Ministry related subjects. He is currently working as a Para-educator at Campus High School. Karis is the 3rd through 5th grade Interrelated Special Education teacher at Oatville Elementary in the Haysville district. She received degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education and ESOL from McPherson College. She is currently getting her Masters Degree in Functional Special Education at WSU.

Minister of Education

Doug Webb

Doug has the responsiblity of making sure that all departments have Biblical teaching materials.

   January 2019   
This Week's Events


Hacker Community Group
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Meets in the Hacker's home
Student Ministry
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Wilson Community Group
6:15 PM to 8:15 PM
Meets weekly at the Maddux's home.


Camp Community Group
1:30 PM
Women's Community Group
Adorned Book Study
6:30 PM to 7:45 PM
Written by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth
Living out the beauty of the Gospel together
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